Description Edit

A race of incredibly powerful warriors that live in a dense jungle. In Amazon culture the men are allowed to exist only as slaves for the females. Having been cut off from much of the outside world, they live in relative savagery, their powerful rituals are said to produce warriors that are nearly unmatched even despite their primitive weaponry. A fierce warlike tribe that values strength, they are constantly expanding their numbers and territory through means unknown to all beyond the tribe. They have a deep connection to the jungle they call their home, to the point where fighting against a hunting party of Amazon in the jungle has been compared to trying to stop the sun from rising in the morning.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 str +2 wis

Racial Skills Edit

1. Amazoness Blood Paint: At Will Passive/Action

You can create Amazoness War Paint by mixing your Blood with Poison and a thickening agent in a container. Applying it to yourself gives you a temporary str boost and damage reduction equal to the value of your wis mod. Applying your paint to another Amazon gives them double the normal effects.  Additionally they are immune to pain or any pain based attacks. These effects last for four rounds of combat and cannot be applied during combat. Creating the paint and applying it both take up your action for a round. This ability does not stack with itself in any way.

2. Tribal War Dance: At Will Action

Perform the dance of your people, causing any enemies who observe this dance to become intimidated for two rounds. For the next three rounds of combat, you and anyone who performed the dance with you becomes immune to fear and fear based effects and your attacks deal bonus damage equal to Str mod+ wis mod + the roll of a d20 This skill does not stack in any way, but it calculates the boost based off the highest stats of those involved in the dance.

3. Spill Their Blood: Static Passive

When you kill or knock out an enemy or ally you can make an immediate attack on another target within range of your current weapon. This attack cannot be blocked.

4. Down, But Never Out: Static Passive

You can make attacks while prone or knocked down. Doing so will not prevent you from getting back to your feet within the same round.

5. Fight Me Like A Woman! Static Passive

If your attack is blocked you can choose to damage their shield or armour or reduce their str stat by your wisdom mod for the remainder of the encounter.

6. Ancestral Rage: Static Passive

Every turn you cannot make a shift or attack due to a reason other than yourself, you gain +10% melee damage and +15 temporary hp. This effect stacks for every additional round it occurs. For example, if you were stunned three turns in a row, you would have +60% melee damage and 105 temp hp until the end of the encounter. Every ten Levels you gain a point in Str and con.

7. Crippling Blow: Encounter Attack

Prepare your next attack to strike at your opponent’s weak spot A.K.A. wherever your weapon hits. This skill immobilizes any struck targets for a round and deals bonus damage to them equal to your str mod+wisdom stat.

8. A Hunter’s Determination:  Daily Action

When you activate this skill you cannot fall below 1 hp until two rounds have passed. This skill can only be used under the effects of paint or dance. The activation and effect of this skill cannot be altered or interrupted by any means, and the skill can be cast regardless of any debuffs or statuses afflicting your character.

9. Amazoness Brewing Daily^15 Action

Make a potion with your blood, another bodily fluid and any herb as the ingredients. In addition to any other effects of the potion, this potion will boost a random stat determined by the roll of a d6 by your level+ wisdom stat+str stat for four rounds. Additionally, they take 15 hp of damage and gains +3 damage permanently. This potion is always a one dose.

10. Conversion Ceremony:  Daily Action

Convert a man or woman into a strong Amazon warrior. This ceremony must take place at night, with at least three Amazon per conversion target present. You must have on hand at least three Amazoness brewed potions for every person you convert with the ceremony, plenty of war paint and a decent amount of food and drink. You will feed, paint, beat, and fuck the target for the duration of the night, with your compatriots casting spells and using the secret rituals known only to your kind until the sun comes up. By the time the sun rises, they will have been transformed, mind body and spirit into one of your kind. You can use this skill on unwilling non boss, non player targets as long as you have them immobilized and have a higher str stat then they do.  Any stat changes they receive from the potions are permanent, and all their racial abilities will have been replaced with those pertaining to being an amazon. Male targets will have their sex and gender changed to that of a female. For a target to survive the ritual they must pass a death saving roll. If they should fail to pass it, you can choose to let them die and consume their corpse, or use a feat point to beat them back to life.    

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