Description Edit

A varied species that is a mixture of primarily humans and werewolves with a bit of other races mixed in. Bred by the vampire race to serve as slaves, Banes poses almost the same physical capabilities as werewolves.Banes do not transform under the light of the moon nor can they transform at will.They can be forced to transform when under extreme levels of physical or emotional stress. However they can retain their transformed state even when not under the light of the moon.Their canine fangs, claws, ears, and tails are always visible,and some Banes suffer intense cravings for blood depending mostly on their heritage. On the night of the full moon, Banes that have experienced transformation often suffer from brief episodes of madness and bloodlust. Bane villages are many and scattered across the land, but their capitol city is located deep in the desert. Banes will often try and surround themselves with as many friends and mates as possible due to their pack instincts. Werewolves view banes as weaker and inferior despite the actual numbers being about 8,000:1.Unlike Werewolves, Banes can pass their traits onto their children.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 str +2 con

Racial Skills Edit

1.Heightened Senses: StaticDue to your ever present ears and acute sense of smell, all listening and scent based checks you make are increased by 3 flat to any other modifiers you may possess. (Also your tail and ears are ever present, and if they are touched when you’re in your human form you are immobilized.)

2.The Beast Within: Static

 If your hp falls below 15% or if the DM states that you are in emotional distress you automatically transform into your canine form.*

3.Battle Roar: Encounter

Your roar can actively reduce even the most fierce of opponents into quivering cowards, every roar reduces either an opponents dexterity or str depending on whether you use your con mod or str mod. This can only be used on a pc once a day.

4.On The Hunt: Static

If you draw blood from an enemy you gain a hold of their scent, allowing you to track them down, as long as they have an open wound your accuracy cannot be reduced by any means.

5.Blood! Blood! BLOOD!: Daily

You can consume the blood or flesh of either a willing volunteer or anyone with lower str than you, stealing 1/8 of their max hp and leaving them bleeding.

6.Razor Sharp Claws: Daily

If you deal damage to an enemy with your claws you can roll your constitution against your opponent’s to try and inflict a severe wound on your opponent.

7.Enraged Swipe: Daily

Deal true damage equal to your constitution stat + your strength

8.Savage Bite: Encounter

Lunge out and try to sink you razor sharp canine teeth around the throat of a victim of your choosing, roll a d20 and add your constitution mod, if the result is 20 or higher, you successfully clamp down on their throat, drawing blood. (If you successfully latch onto someone’s throat you can use #5 instantly without putting it on cool down. Any additional uses of it will put it on cool down.)  

9.The Might of The Pack: Static

Every time you recruit a companion, gain a constitution point, every time you lose a companion, lose a constitution point. (+1 constitution stat for any companions you have when you unlock this feature)

10.Form Mastery: At Will

You can access your transformation at will, and the strength and con bonuses received from it are increased by their modifiers X2 respectively, and your battle roar can cause an opponent with a lower str level than you flee the encounter.

*(If you transform without form mastery you can no longer choose your attack targets for 5 turns, but your strength and con stats are doubled for the duration, and your charisma and int are halved, whenever this effect activates your health is temporarily boosted and you cannot be incapacitated in any way until the transformation ends. With form mastery unlocked you can choose your attack targets. The transformation lasts 5 turns.)

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