Description Edit

The centaurs are a race of powerful and wise warriors.Their  head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its body, including four legs, hindquarters, and a tail is like that of a horse.The Centaurs are sometimes very hostile towards humans. Centaurs are skilled  hunters and many possess a deep understanding of the stars. Centaurs can outlast almost any other race when it comes to endurance challenges. Strong willed and incredibly loyal, those who befriend a centaur will often have themselves a friend  for life. Centaurs are awe inspiring on the battlefield, possessing all the raw power of a horse combined with an intellect that can rival some elves.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 str +1 wis +1 speed

Racial Skills Edit

1.Thundering Charge: Static

If you deliver an attack after having run for an extend period of time the attack will be aoe.

2.trample: Daily (X5)

Knock an enemy prone by slamming into them and trampling them underfoot.

3.Awe inspiring Leap: Daily

your character makes a jump without fail, all other allies who attempt the jump afterwards add a +5 to their check.

4.First Impact: Static

If your character does the first attack of the encounter it does double damage.

5.When midgets step up: Daily (X10)

If an opponent is either shorter than your knee or prone, you can deliver a brutal stomp that ignores defense and does not have an ac check.

6.Gaze into the stars: At will

when stars are visible your character can use the stars to help determine your location and orientation.

7.Unhand me, two legged weakling! Daily (X7)

If a two legged npc or enemy makes physical contact you can stun them for two turns.

8.Get Bucked: Encounter

If someone attempts to make an attack on you from behind you can deal an interrupt attack that deals 2x your strength stat and cannot miss.

9.Not on My Watch: Daily

When an ally would take damage you can choose to jump in the way of the attack, reduce the taken damage by your wisdom stat.

10.Outnumbered But Never Outmatched: Static

Your character takes -2 damage from every enemy attack and deals an additional +1 to every attack for every enemy in the encounter.

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