Description Edit

Half spider, half Dark Elf. Generally live underground.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Dex +2 Con

Racial Skills Edit

1.Affliction: Infliction Action At Will

Sink your armour piercing fangs into a melee range target’s flesh. This deals physical damage equal to your con mod + the enemy’s int stat. You may then inject the target with up to 10 stacks of your venom. This venom is not unlimited, the maximum stacks you can use each day is dictated by your character’s level. Unlike regular poison damage, Drider venom stacks reduce the target’s wis mod or con mod by 1 for the encounter and deals poison damage equal to their int mod to them at the end of each round. Each new stack you apply adds on to the others effects.

2.Webhead: Static Passive

Your spinnerets produce sticky and dry webbing and spider silk of varying thickness. Every ten levels, you gain +1 dex. During combat, you can perform simple tasks with your webbing without consuming your attack, action or shift.

3.Eyes A Plenty: Static Passive

Targets or objects injected with or coated in at least 1 stack of your venom can be analysed to determine facts about their magical qualities as an interrupt, without consuming your attack, action or shift.

4.Spider Sense: Action Encounter

If a line of your silk or webbing you are making contact with is making contact with a creature, you can size up aspects of their body, and compare them to your own, allowing you to make relatively accurate judgements about their size, weight, and their distance from you. The next int or con check you make against them has a +5 bonus to your roll.

5.Struggle Struggle, Little Fly~ Static Passive

Thanks to your venom’s attack upon a target’s energy pathways, you can detect subtle changes in their energy flow, allowing you to pre-emptively dodge and avoid incoming attacks. Gain a +4 to dodge attempts made against spells and abilities cast by enemies with more than 2 stacks of your venom in or on them.

6.The Webs We Weave Shift Daily(X10)

You can take a full round to spin up a web trap, while on the web, you can instantly close the distance between yourself and anyone who happens to make contact with it. You may then roll your dex against theirs to try and wrap them up in a magic suppressing cocoon. Enemies bound in this way are unable to make shifts or use spells or abilities.

7.Thick Chitin: Static Passive

The thick exoskeleton coating your limbs and abdomen are naturally resistant to magic and adequately protect the soft flesh underneath. Reduce Aoe damage and Magic Damage taken by your con stat when it makes contact with your chitin. Unfortunately, armour tailored to your shape and size is incredibly difficult to find as a result of your unique physiology.

8.Creeping and Crawling: Static Passive

You can crawl on walls and sheer surfaces as easily as others walk on the floor. While out of sight, you also become harder to detect, boosting any stealth and hide checks you make by +3.

9.Webslinger: Action Daily(X6)

You can launch your webbing or silk out of your spinnerets, up to a distance of your con mod+dex mod/2 meters. If a line of sticky web hits a target, you can attempt to pull the target towards you or yourself to the target as part of the same action.

10.Letting the Bedbugs Bite: Attack Daily

Spew your venom as an aoe cloud, coating anything in the radius in up to 20 stacks of your venom. This attack cannot be blocked. Targets who are subjected to the poison begin having terrible hallucinations based upon the worst thing they can possibly think up. Damage dealt to them by the hallucinations is made real by their own soul, dealing magic resistance piercing damage to them equal to their int stat+their wis stat over two turns.

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