Description Edit

You should all know what dwarves are.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Str +3 Con

Racial Skills Edit

1.Hot Blooded: Static Passive

Gain ten points of fury with every alcoholic drink you consume. You are also immune to all damage taken due to alcohol. When horny or drunk you deal bonus physical damage equal to your con mod, if both this damage bonus is tripled.

2.Hammer Fists: Static Passive

You can use your fists to mine ore without a pickaxe. You also are immune to recoil damage from unarmed attacks.

3.Gimme Dat: Static Passive

Every Rare item you own gives you +1 str permanently. Each new rare item you obtain gives you 4 exp. Each gold piece you earn gives you +2 exp

4.Made it With Me Own Hands: Static Passive

Anything you smith gains extra damage or damage reduction equal to your str mod.

5.Fixer Upper: At will Action

If you or your allies armor or weapon is damaged in combat, you can try and fix it. Roll a d20 and add your str mod, if the result is over 15 you succeed.  Repaired armour grants temp hp equal to your con stat. Repaired weapons deal bonus damage equal to your con mod and +1 crit. These boosts last until the end of the encounter.

6.Can You Dig It? Static Passive.

You cannot fail digging checks or attempts within reason.

7.Sturdy as Steel: Action Daily(X20)

if struck by a crushing blow or some object more than twice your weight you may roll a d100 to determine how much damage reduction you may apply to the damage after armour reductions.

8.You Fucking What? Action Daily(X10)

If you are struck with a critical hit, you can use this skill to make your next attack a guaranteed crit with a +3 to your ac check.

9.You’re Full of Shit: Action Daily(X15)

If you are targeted or damaged by a spell you can attempt to disbelieve. Roll a con check against your enemies int or wis check, if you roll higher than them you take no damage. If the difference is greater than 2 in your favor, you also negate any additional effects the spell might have had on yourself.

10.I’ll Wreck You Mate: Attack Daily

Choose an object or target and roll a d20+your str mod. If the result is over 20 you break it. If the target happens to be a living creature, you break bones and armour around the place of impact and deal (1d6d100) in damage to them. This damage does not factor in any skills or abilities for either the dealer or receiver. This damage cannot be blocked.

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