Description Edit

A soft spoken and friendly race, Elves are usually found in temperate forests and tend to manipulate nature magic to take care of themselves. They're are many types of Elves but they tend to stick to three types High Elves,Wood Elves and Dark Elves. Most Elves have long pointed ears and are extremely beautiful.Elves,although usually intelligent,can be simple.They normally don't get along with most blood drinkers due to being hunted by them for the abnormal regeneration power and great taste of their blood. The Elves have a very strong sence of morality, believing every life is sacred.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Cha +2 Wis

Racial Skills Edit

1.In Good Faith: At Will Passive/Action

Elf bodily fluids have supernatural healing properties that heal anyone who ingests it for 10% of their Max hp. Products made with elven bodily fluids retain this bonus. Additionally, the elf can cut themselves (Like An emo kid) to provide relief to an ally, restoring half the hp they lost the previous round of combat+the elves wis mod. This inflicts the elf with severe bleeding status effect.

2.Graceful Charity: EOT Action

Sacrifice your own well being for the sake of your companions. Heal all melee range allies for an amount up to 2x your con stat and take magic damage equal to 1/5th of your max hp.

3.Elven Battle Hymn: Action+Shift Daily

Using ancient elvish words of power, you may sing either a rejuvenating symphony for your allies or a debilitating anthem to demoralize your foes. The effectiveness of your delivery comes down to either the roll of a d20 or a suitable link. At any point during or on the round after the four round duration of this spell, you receive a debuff that adds halves all non-wis/cha based damage you deal that lasts for two rounds.

4.Intravenous Superiority: Static Passive

Elves naturally resist poison and take half damage from poison based Attacks/Effects. Every 10 levels elves gain a stat point in wis.

5.Sight Beyond Sight: Action Daily(X6)

Put yourself in a trancelike state, becoming fully aware of your surroundings. Stealthed/ hidden objects or creatures in the area become revealed to you in this state, and you take half damage from aoe and environmental damage. In this state however, you cannot shift or attack. You can maintain this state for 1d4 turns.

6.Exquisite Elegance: Static Passive

Every 10 levels you gain an additional point in cha. You have a +2 to cha based rolls. Objects you make or wear also sell for 10% more than the usual asking price.

7.Elvish Creations: Action Daily(X5)

Elves can imbue objects with their primordial energy. Doing so boosts all their numbers by their wis+cha mod as well as 2 hit die when applicable. They can have up to 4 objects imbued in this way at any given time, if they try to imbue a new item, they must select one of their old items to return to normal. Items cannot lose their imbued status by any means other than the elf declaring it such. Imbued items have a chance to ignore the effects of spells. If an item would be affected by a spell the elf may choose to roll a d100. If the result of the roll is lower than the elves level at the time of imbuement x 2.5 the item is unaffected.

8.Primordial Shockwave: Attack Daily(X10)

An elf concentrates their formidable power and selects a singular visible location. They may choose to unleash the shockwave on any melee range enemies after the round it was cast has ended as an interrupt by consuming their next attack. The shockwave itself deals magic damage that cannot be blocked or dodged. The damage it deals is equal to the elves wisdom+cha stat x the number of rounds it was left unactivated. The shockwave goes off on its own if the elf would be afflicted by debuffs or status effect. This damage does not factor in the elves weapon but it does immobilize struck targets that have higher hp than the elf when hit.

9.Crippling Pathway Strike: Encounter Attack

Strike an opponent’s energy pathway, temporarily disrupting their flow of energy. Any int based or true damage attacks they make on allies the following two turns is reduced by your wis stat.

10.Primal Surge Daily Passive

When an elf falls below 25% max hp, their body will enter a panic mode of sorts, covering all worn equipment and weapons with their energy, giving them a temp boost equal to that given to imbued objects. Primordial Shockwave’s round counter instantly gains +3 rounds and the elf gains their wis+cha stat in temp hp for every healing ability they use. This skill’s effects die off after three rounds or if the elf goes over 60% of their max hp.

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