Description Edit

Small, Airborne and Luminescent; Fairies have always been an elusive race, partly due the inherent fact that something that small is just a curiosity in itself but most as a safety measure to avoid being crushed/captured/swatted Etc. To avoid all these terrible things most fairies spread rumours of a made-up mythical race to cover their dealings with anything that could flick them out of the air. An example of these stories is the tale of the “borrowers” told by those living in Kiroless city. These tiny people would take bits and pieces from homes to build their own. Thanks to the speed and cunning of the fairies they continue to survive in clans dotted the world over.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Dex +2 Wis

Racial Skills Edit

1.Size Doesn’t Mean Everything: Static Passive

When crafting or interacting with an object smaller than you, you receive an additional +3 to your success rate. Every ten levels you gain +1 dex.

2.Super Gay Pepper Spray: At Will Action

You flap your wings violently spraying pixie dust into a target of your choosing’s eyes, reducing their accuracy -2 for 1 turn.

3.I Have to Do Everything Around Here: Action Daily(X5)

You can assist a helpless ally by infusing them with some of your magic, add your wisdom modifier to their stat for one non-combat check (or till the end of combat).

4.Shrinkify! Action Daily(X10)

Choose an inanimate object and attempt to shrink it down to your size, roll a d20 and add your wisdom mod, if the result is over 15 you will shrink it down as best you can.

5.Bless you: Daily Action

You use a feather to make someone sneeze violently, reducing their wisdom by 2x your dex mod. Any str rolls they make the following round have their mod reduced by 5

6.Off to Neverland! Daily Shift

You can sprinkle pixie dust over a target of your choosing, increasing their wisdom or int by 2x your wisdom mod for 3 turns.

7.Sweet Nothings: Encounter Shift

You fly over to a target of your choosing and whisper demoralizing things into their ear, reducing all their defensive bonuses to 0 for a turn and halving their damage.

8.Invigorating Sparkles: Shift Daily(X21)

Shove some of your fairy sparkles down someone’s throat, (even your own) restoring the cool-down of (your character level/10 rounded down) features of your choosing.

9.Flufferfy! Daily Attack

You shower a helpless victim in tons of fairy magic Roll a d20 and add your wis mod, if the result is over 15 you turn them into a fluffy for 2 turns.

10.Phantasmagoria: Daily Action

Choose a non-boss target and slip them a “Special Ingredient”, they are now considered intoxicated and lose all magic and AoE resistance.

Hugeify! Daily^10

Choose an inanimate object and attempt to double it in size, roll a d20 and add your wisdom mod, if the result is over 20 you will make it as huge as possible.

Whimsify! Daily^15

Choose a target, they are sped up so that their next shift covers twice the normal distance. If used on a target before battle, this will cause them to skip their initiative roll and go first.

Healify! Daily^15

Choose a target, the next time they heal themself or someone else the amount they heal for is doubled and add your wis mod to the amount they heal after the doubling.

Bubblepop! Daily

Choose a target, they are given a spell shield that blocks the first incoming spell that hits them, the enemy who cast that spell on them is unable to block the following turn.


Roll a d20 and add your wisdom mod, if the result is over 18 the effect of the next spell you cast is reversed

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