Description Edit

Cat people

Stat Bonuses Edit

+4 Dex

Racial Skills Edit

1.Mrowr: At Will Shift

Turn yourself into a housecat your dex is doubled but all your combat features are disabled. You can scratch enemies with your claws, calculating your damage with your dex stat instead of your str. All armour and equipment bonuses except for bonus hp and dex are lost during this transformation. Every 10 levels you gain +1 dex stat.

2.Licking The Wounds: action Daily(X10)

Duck out of sight for one turn to lick your wounds, healing yourself for your character level and resetting the encounter for yourself. The reset does not occur if they can out roll your dex check with a wis check. If the reset does occur, you can use that turn to use up to 2 additional healing abilities or items on yourself that do not consume your action attack or shift.

3.On The Prowl: Static Passive

When pursuing or stalking an enemy gain dex equal to your character level x 2. If you are seen by an enemy all bonuses are lost.

4.Curiosity Killed The Cat: Daily Action+Attack

If you critically fail a roll, you can choose to reroll it. If you reroll a number lower than 5 your original penalty is replaced by one that is at least twice as bad. If you reroll a 1 you also lose 7 exp. If you roll 16-19(without factoring in mods) you gain +7 exp on 20 you gain a feat point.

5.Retractable Claws: EOT Passive

Your claws can be used to climb trees without fail or lash out at your foes. Unnarmed attacks you make with your claws out inflict bleeding from 15-20 on ac checks and crit from 18-20. If this skill is off cooldown and someone attempts to disarm or grab you, add a +3 to your resist roll. If they fail you may make an unarmed attack on them that does not consume your attack.

6.Cats Always Land On Their Feet: Static Passive

When you are falling or knocked down you can assume a cat form to land on your feet and negate all fall damage taken.

7.Pounce: Daily Shift(X5)

Pounce towards a visible target, covering double the regular distance of a shift. If you cast this while undetected or stealthed you close the gap instantly (provided it’s within reason).

8.Silent Stalker: Static Passive

While you are stalking your prey, you make virtually no noise and get a +3 to hide checks.

9.Catnip: Daily Action

Ingest a potent feline stimulant that boosts all your stats except con by half your dex stat. Additionally, you remove stat reducing effects on yourself and your attack is reset on critical strikes (up to a maximum of two resets per round). These effects last for 2 rounds.

10.MREOOWR: At will Shift+Action

Shift into your large cat form, tripling your base dex. You can make melee attacks in this form that calculate damage by adding your dex and str. If you have a +10 str and dex mod, you can hold certain weapons with your tail and mouth and make dex based attacks with them.You can also block check with dex.  Retractable claws and pounce have no cooldown in this form. 

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