Description Edit

A race that consists of foxes that have either been imbued with or obtained enough magical energy to assume a human form, they gain tails as their power increases, and their magic can be passed down through their children. More mistrusted than many other morphs due to the fox stereotype. They possess powerful magic abilities as well as their unique type of magical blue fire known as Will o' Wisp. They tend to not get along well with others of their own species or even sex, to the point where mothers will abandon their young at an early age. Despite their reputation, many Foxes that live to reach full maturity are often surrounded by admirers, followers and lovers. Whether they attract them through natural charm or magical means is unknown, but nevertheless it adds to the negative perception of the race.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Cha +2 Int

Racial Skills Edit

1.Multicultural: Static Passive

You automatically learn to speak the primary language of anyone you kiss. You also gain +1 Int every 5 levels

2.The Blame Game: At Will Action

If you are accused of something, you can shift the blame to anyone with a lower charisma than you if the accuser is attracted to you.

3.Wha..? Encounter Action

Once per conversation you can use your assets to redirect a conversation, if used during battle your opponent will be unable to attack you for one turn.

4.Look with your special eyes: Static Passive

You can use your magic to enhance your vision, allowing you to recognize illusions and examine souls that belong to npcs whose intelligence is lower than yours.

5.I Guess You’ll Just Have to Burn Then: At Will Attack

Use a small amount of your fire without shifting forms, deal true damage to a target of your choosing equal to your intelligence stat. The target is now burned.

6.Flickering Flame: Daily Action

Use your magical alluring blue flames to distract an Npc For a turn. Their cha is lowered by your cha mod.

7.Personal Magnetism: Static Passive

Anyone around you for prolonged periods of time will be unable to prevent themselves from being influenced by your powerful magic. Their affection towards you gradually increases by 1 stage every 24 hours (this effect stacks.)

8.Will o’ Wisp: Action Daily(X10)

Use your wisps to lead an unsuspecting target to their doom(or somewhere else), you can lead them for half your int mod number of turns rounded down before they snap out of it.

9.Damsel In Distress: Encounter Action

When you would otherwise take damage you can select a target of your choosing and cry out to them for help, roll a d20 and add your charisma modifier, if the result is over 13 they jump to your rescue, taking the damage instead of you.

10.The Nine tails: Static Passive

You can gain tails by consuming the souls of players or bosses. Each tail grants you +15 hp and +1 int, +1 wis and +1 cha. When you gain your ninth and final tail, you can now use all your features in your transformed state, and those around you who have maximum affection towards you cannot have their affection reducing by any means.

(The foxes transformation allows them free use of their fox fire as well as doubling their int and wisdom, but halving their con and str)

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