Description Edit

Humans are weak compared to most other races, but what they lack in physical capabilities they more than make up for with their sheer numbers and intellect. Humans are the most widespread race, primarily due to their rampant debauchery and lack of birth control. They are responsible for the creation of some of the most dangerous weapons ever created, gunpowder firearms. The effects that these weapons will create has yet to be seen, but many experts predict a violent upheaval is looming on the horizon.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Int +2 Dex

Racial Skills Edit

1.Adaptability: Static Passive

What you lack in natural talent you make up for with your ability to adapt to new situations and environments, every 5 levels you gain an additional stat point.

2.Lucky Haymaker: At Will Attack

Throw a wild punch relying more on luck than actual skill, if you roll higher than 13 on a d20 you crit and if you roll below 10 you miss.

3.Analyzing Approach: Encounter Action

 Roll a d20 and add your int mod, if the result is over 15 you identify a weakness in your opponent, when used outside of combat you can learn (your level divided by 15 rounded up) facts about them.

4.Bartering: Static Passive

Objects you sell are worth 10% more and you may reduce the costs of services others do for you by 15%.

5.Woah Hey, Woah! Daily Action

Attempt to disrupt someone’s focus and concentration. Roll your cha against your opponent’s con if you roll 5 or more higher than them, you interrupt their movements, attacks and any other skills, spells or abilities they were currently using or had active. This skill can only be used as an interrupt.

6.Human Ingenuity: Static Passive

When crafting anything add a +4 to your success roll.

7.Moves Like Jagger: At Will Action

You can try and impress bystanders with slick dance moves, roll a d20 and add your dexterity modifier if the result is over 16 they are thoroughly impressed  and give you some of their money. Successful attempts grant +1 exp.

8.Nimble Hands: Action Daily(X8)

 You push the limits of your natural human dexterity to make two shifts and two attacks in a single turn. The second attack’s damage cannot surpass the damage dealt by the first attack and will be reduced if necessary.

9.In Good Health: Static Passive

When you’re at full hp and have no negative status effects, you gain 5 temporary str and 5 dexterity, which goes away if you take damage or are inflicted with a negative status effect.

10.Adrenaline Rush: Daily Passive

Your fight or flight response is triggered, you cannot be knocked out or disabled and your dexterity and str mod are doubled until three turns have passed.

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