Description Edit

A powerful and savage race with many natural means of defence and attack. With some magical abilities the Kairyu prefer to fight unarmed but many do fight with weapons. Extremely resourceful and creative the Kairyu have a great grasp of smiting and explosives, having made many types of weapons. The Kairyu live under ground for the most part, so they're very used to total darkness and having to work their way through solid rock. They tend to come in packs and live very closely together, although not cold blooded, they like to stay warm. They have a very strong sense of honour, preferring to fight 1 versus 1. Most Kairyu can be very calm and controlled.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Str +2 Con

Racial Skills Edit

1.Tooth and Nail: Static Passive

Your sharp teeth powerful muscles and sharp claws make you dangerous even without a proper weapon;  all unarmed attacks you make deal an additional 5+2x your str mod as true damage.

2.Thick Hide: Static Passive

Thanks to your draconic ancestry, your hide is somewhat resistant to magic; damage dealt to you by magic attacks is reduced by your constitution mod x2.

3.Draconic Fury: Static Passive

You can be quite volatile when you’re injured, whenever you fall below 40%of your max hp your str mod is temporarily doubled until your health rises back over 50%.

4.Tail Swing: Encounter Shift

Use your powerful tail to sweep the legs out from under their opponents, knocking them prone for a turn and dealing damage equal to ¼  of the kairyu’s max hp.

5.But Can Ya Smash That? Daily Action

When a target in melee range attempts to leave your melee range, you may use this skill as a interrupt. Sink your claws into a melee range target and attempt to smash them into the ground. Roll a d20, if the result is 1-5 they escape. From 6-10 their shift is stopped. 11-15 their shift is stopped and they take damage equal to your half your con stat + half your str stat. from 16-20 you apply the 11-15 effects as well as knock down the target, interrupting any abilities they were using and putting them on full cooldown.

6.Stand Strong: Encounter Passive

When you would otherwise be knocked prone or knocked back, you can choose to try and dig your claws into the ground and resist it, roll a d20 and add your strength mod, if the result is over 17 you resist it.

7.The Magic, It Calls to Me: Action Daily(X5)

 While you may be vastly different from your dragon ancestors, you have still retained their love of treasure and can use the small amounts of magic flowing through your veins to sense the surrounding area for magical items and creatures.

8.Regeneration: Daily Passive

 When you lose a limb or your tail you can roll a d20 and add your constitution modifier, if you roll higher than a 15 your limb will start to slowly grow back. Additionally, you regenerate lost health at a faster rate while basking.

9.Scurry Weaklings: Action Daily(X9)

 In wild encounters of 5 or less you can make an opponent flee by intimidating them if your strength surpasses theirs.

10.Dragon Breath: Daily Attack

 Powerful kairyu such as yourself are capable of drawing upon the power of their dragon ancestors to breath fire upon their enemies, for every enemy in the encounter roll an additional d12 to calculate the aoe damage.

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