Description Edit

A race with a solar centric life. A relatively new race as far history dictates, their bodies are made of energy.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Int +2 Wis

Racial Skills Edit

1.Heliocentric: Static Passive

Konori depend on sunlight to power their metabolism. They do not need food other than sunlight. They gain Solar energy at the start of each session equal to their stat totals –their current amount of solar energy. At full solar energy Konori take 25% reduced damage from all sources. If deprived of sunlight for a session they will lose a third of their max solar energy. If they lose all solar energy they take double damage from all sources and begin starving.

2.Solar Propulsion: Shift At Will

Fly for your shift, expending 10 energy to make shifts with your int or wis instead of your dex.

3.Purge With Fire: Shift Daily(X8) -20 solar energy

Restore your body’s physical state with an old fashioned fire bath. Heal for 10% of your max hp+2d20 and remove 1 negative status effect from yourself.  If you roll a 20 you may choose to regrow a lost limb.

4.Mind Over Matter: Daily(X8) Passive -25 solar energy

Konori can transfer energy to defend a specific part on their body. Double your Armour Rating + Magic Resistance there as an interrupt. This gives temp hp equal to wis+int mod.

5.Gamma Burst: Attack At Will

Release a stream of energy to fry and enemy. This attack deals damage equal to your Int or wis + your weapon and cannot crit. You may expend solar energy to add damage on a 2:1 ratio. On rolls of 15 or higher for ac checks they are afflicted with a special burn that does not begin ticking damage until after the encounter.

6.Mirage: Daily(X11) Passive -10 solar energy

You can make dodge checks with your int.

7.Solar Flare: Encounter Action -10 energy

Konori glow bright, illuminating their surroundings, they can unleash their light all at once to blind all enemies for one round.

8.Dual Streams: Static Passive

For Each 3 wis you have gain +1 int damage and for every 3 int you have gain +1 wis damage. This stacks.

9.Debilitating Warpwave: Encounter Attack+shift

Absorb all the light around yourself before unleashing a shockwave of energy that deals your int+wis to all enemies in the encounter. This deals double damage to burned enemies. If you use this skill while it is bright and sunny out, you gain hp equal to your character level x2.

10.Solar Beam: Encounter Attack+Shift+Action.

Spend a Round charging up by taking in all the solar energy you can before firing down a concentrated beam of Pur Energy that deals magic damage equal to your wis+int+missing or total solar energy. This attack cannot be blocked or dodged. If you use this skill at full solar energy, it does not need to charge up. Killing an enemy with this skill gives you +1d4d100 solar energy. If you use this skill while it is bright and sunny out, you gain hp equal to your character level x2.

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