Description Edit

Half fish, half person. Lives in the water.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Dex +2 Cha

Racial Skills Edit

1. Air Bubbles: At Will Action

Spew your bubbles at a target, gilled creatures take true damage equal to half your cha+dex. Alternatively, you can use it to grant someone else the ability to breathe underwater for 2 turns.

2. Aquatic Adaptations: Static Passive

You move 1.5x faster and attack 1.5x stronger while underwater, and at .5 normal speed on land. You are immune to water pressure and can breath underwater indefinitely. You can only survive out of water for a max of 4 rounds before asphyxiating. You can speak the language of the deep and eat raw flesh without consequences. Add +2 to Cha checks you make while underwater.

3. Drag Them Down: Shift Encounter

Drag a creature or object into the deep. Roll a d20 and add your dex mod, if the total is over 18 you pull them (your dex-their dex) meters. You can use this as an interrupt on targets in water.

4. Do A Flip! Eot Shift

Jump out of the water to a height of (your dex mod) ft. At the height of your jump, you may attack or perform an action. For calculations you are still considered to be underwater. You may also use this skill to goad a target into making a jump towards you. You must roll 4 or higher than them on a cha check to make them jump. Making someone jump puts this skill on cd.

5. Click, Click, Motherfuckers: Static Passive

You possess the power of echolocation while underwater. Every ten levels you gain +1 dex.

6. Sonic Rings: Attack Encounter

Launch a volatile mix of sound, soul and psychic energy at a target. If it is a foe they take damage equal to your cha+int+their int. If this skill lands the target becomes confused. If used while underwater the target loses their next shift.

7. Water Distortion: Action Daily(X10)

Create a current of water to push or pull something. If the target is pushing against the current they are slowed. If they move in the same direction they are sped up. This requires the target to be submerged in water to work.

8. The Danger Zone: Action Daily(X10)

Create a zone of high pressure in the water that inhibits movement and deals damage to non-pressure resistant things caught in the zone or that enter the zone for two turns. Damage to players is equal to you cha+ their con each round.

9. Siren Song: Daily Shift + Action(X10)

Begin singing an enchanting song that affects anyone who hears it. They will be compelled to move towards you and their con and int are halved for two turns. This consumes your shift for two rounds.

10. Release The X! Daily Action

Call out for a creature of the deep. Roll a d20. If the result is lower than 10 it is aggressive, if 11 or higher it is friendly to you. The farther the roll is from 10 or 11, the more huge of a creature you will call.

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