Description Edit

The first Minotaur was created when the gods fucked up. Sadly for the rest of us, it was not the last time they fucked up, and the race known as Minotaurs is an everlasting monument to their failure. Minotaurs are incrdibly powerful and bulky, but not very bright. What they lack in brainpower they make up for with brutal displays of strength and power. A single Minotaur is capable of reducing an entire human village into piles of rubble and human remains in as little as an hour. Minotaurs are capable of fighting on even after sustaining massive amounts of damage. the more exceptional among the Minotaurs are feared for their ability to be completely immune to pain in the heat of battle. While not capable of producing their own weaponry and armour, they can be exceptionally "skilled at negotiating" for these things however.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Str +2 Con

Racial Skills Edit

1.Heavy Hooved: Static passive

When someone would knock you back or prone you can try to resist it, roll a d20 and add your strength mod, if the result is over 10 you successfully huge your way through it resisting the ffects and reducing damage taken by your con mod.

2.Chewing the Cud: At Will Action

You begin re-chewing your last meal gaining an additional 1/4 of the original effect. This skill can be used up to four times per meal.

3.Come On and Slam: Encounter Attack

If an enemy weighs less than you, you may pick them up over your head and slam them into the ground like the little weakling they are, leaving them prone for a round and dealing true damage to them equal to your str stat.

4.Bull Rush: Daily Attack+shift(X10)

Charge an opponent and knock aside anyone in your path, If you connect with your intended target they take damage equal to your str stat + your con stat and inflicting them with bleed. Anyone you knocked aside getting to them takes half that damage.

5.Enraged Head-butt: Encounter Attack

Pissed off and damaged, the Minotaur reels back and deliver a crushing head-butt, dealing damage equal to your constitution stat x2. Enemies struck by this attack have their dex temporarily reduced by your str mod for 2 turns.

6.Crushing Blows:Static Passive

All unarmed attacks you make knock their target prone if you roll over a 15 on the ac check.

7.Welcome to the Jam: EOT Shift

You channel your inner bull and stomp the ground dealing AOE damage around you Equal to 3x your strength mod, any enemies who are prone take double damage from this attack.

8.Vice Grip:Encounter Attack

If an opponent is smaller than you, you can pick them up in a crushing bear hug, dealing ½ of their missing hp as damage over 2 turns and immobilizing them. Before every damage check, they may roll their str against yours, if they roll 3 or more higher than you they escape.

9.Seeing red: Static Passive

When an enemy begins to bleed you can sacrifice your action that round to make a second attack per turn but this second attack can only be used on the bleeding target.

10.Unstoppable force:Daily Action

 For the rest of the encounter, all damage taken by you is reduced by 50% and your strength stat is doubled.

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