Description Edit

Serpentine have a pretty negative reputation among most other races.Generally thought of as shifty underhanded untrustworthy murderers, it can be hard for these pale skinned slender blood drinkers to make friends. While there are some serpentine who defy these stereotypes, they're few and far between. The serpentine are a fairly new race, their origins are unknown, they began appearing in ever increasing amounts about 200 years ago, and share a lot of traits with multiple different races. Besides their bloodthirst, pale skin and large hollow fangs capable of inflicting venomous bites, they tend to become energized and alert when in warm climates and tend to become lethargic and listless in cold ones. The Serpentine are generally pretty agile and make adept assassins. Despite their bad reputation, snakes are known to be quite charismatic to those who have the nerve to approach them.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Dex +2 Cha

Racial Skills Edit

1.Venomous Bite: Encounter Action

Bite a creature on their exposed flesh and inject them with your venom. Roll a d20, from 1-10 you miss, 11-15 you may inflict them with paralysis.16-19 you may inflict them with poison or paralysis. If you roll 20 you may badly poison or poison + paralyze them and deal true damage to them equal to you dex stat.

2.Cold Blooded: Static Passive

You gain your dex mod +cha mod in temporary hp when in a warm climate (this lasts until consumed or your temp drops significantly.) and any time you regen energy of any kind you regain an additional +2 energy. For each turn you spend in a cold climate you lose an additional 6 dex, after three turns in a freezing environment you enter a state of hibernation. (These effects last until your temp increases significantly) Being struck with heat based abilities gives you a +5 dex boost for three turns. Being struck by cold based abilities does the opposite.

3.Tongue of the Serpent: Static Passive

Your tongue can extend (your cha mod) feet and functions as a prehensile limb. You need at least 30 dex to wield weapons with your tongue.

4.Snake Summoning: Daily Action(X4)

Attempt to summon a snake to do your bidding. Roll a d20 and add your cha mod. If the result is over 13 you succeed. If over 20 you may summon a swarm of snakes and if over 25 you may summon a massive snake. Over 30 and you may summon a swarm of massive snakes.

5.SnakeShift: Daily Action(X15)

Take the form of a snake, halving your con hp and str and doubling your dex stats. While in this form you cannot use non-racial abilities or wear armor. This form can be held for three turns max and can be used as an interrupt.

6.Gaze Into My Eyesss: Daily Shift+Action(X20)

Stare into a target’s eyes and attempt to subjugate their will. Roll your cha against either their int con or cha. If you roll 3 or higher than them you immobilize them. If you roll 6 or higher than them they are instead compelled to obey your next command provided it is not extraordinarily out of character for them.

7.Dark Hands: Encounter Action

Manipulate your energy through your arms, creating spectral hands with (your cha mod) yards of reach. Melee attacks made with them use dex instead of str for damage calculations, attacks made with these on pure or light enemies deal true damage.

8.Blood Manipulation: At Will Shift

Manipulate you or your opponents spilled blood to create solid objects and weapons that you can move at will by consuming 15hp per round.

9.Shed Skin: Daily Action

Shed your skin to rid yourself of all miasmas and afflictions. This skill may be used under any status effect except knocked out dead or hibernating. Lose your con stat in hp and remove all status conditions from yourself. Additionally, you gain temp hp equal to your con stat.

10.Daily The Grass Longsword: Action+shift

Attempt to summon the legendary blade of your people through the ritual passed down through your bloodline. Roll a d20 and add your cha mod. If the result is over 25 you succeed and must roll a d6 to determine how long the blade will stay summoned. Attacks made with the blad calculate damage using your str and dex. The weapon deals (your level*d8) damage. During ac checks, if you roll a 20 the sword will activate, dealing half of your targets max hp as true damage to them as well as consuming the dominant aspect of their soul. If this activation triggers more than once on the same character they are fully consumed by the blade, allowing you to use their soul’s energy to fire off powerful bursts of energy.

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