Description Edit

A race of mystics that survive by bonding to the souls of friends and family. The Spirits have delicate features, white bird like wings attached to their back, light coloured hair and  among the most rare of people,Most spirits attempt to stay peaceful and kind, but when angered spirits can channel the amazing power of their soul. They gain an extreme amount of power with the  bonds they make. Spirits can tell very quickly whether a person is genuine or not. The Spirit have been blessed with sacred relics that can restore their race to its true glory. These relics are called the "Gemmae Anima" or Soul Gems. These store the limitless power of the Spirit race, they can be accessed by anyone but only a Spirit can unlock their true power.

Stat Bonuses Edit

+2 Cha +2 Wis

Racial Skills Edit

1 Love of many Static

For every friend you have gain an additional point of wisdom

2 Staggering Beauty At Will

Select a target and roll a d20 and add your cha mod, if the roll is over 15 they are immobilized if the roll is over 20 they are stunned this effect lasts one turn if this skill successfully lands on someone they can not be targeted with this skill again for 2 turns. 

3 Graceful Flyer Static

Reduce all fall damage you take by 75%, if an ally of yours is falling you can try and slow their descent, if successful they only take half damage.

4 Let Me Help You with That Daily(X10)

Add +3 to another players check.(This skill is global)

5 Ally Switch Daily(X10)

Swap the position of two ally targets, can be used on yourself.

6 Phase Dodge Daily(X10)

You can make a dodge check for incoming damage using your wisdom modifier

7 Soul Manifestation At Will

A Spirit can manifest its soul as a physical entity being able to make the same attacks and movements as it's controller. This manifestation has 50% of the characters base hp and stats. After the character makes an attack, the manifestation will automatically echo it, dealing half of the original damage dealt as true damage to the target. If the soul manifestation dies, the spirit will lose half their remaining health and their wisdom will be halved for the remainder of the day. This Manifestation is healed back to full at the end of each day. The damage this manifestation does is doubled when the spirit is in relatively close range of someone who has level 4 affection towards them.

8 Soul Resonance Daily

Select an allied target and for the following two turns you and that target receive a +5 to critical chance on ac checks and heal for half of all damage dealt

9 Wingman Daily(X10)

Choose an ally and become their wingman, if you are within melee range, you can add +4 to their charisma modifier and they gain temporary hp equal to your wisdom statx2 for two turns, this effect cannot stack.

10 Swoop There It Is Daily

You may choose to quick travel to a town if there is someone with a +4 affection level in that town, this skill cannot be used if you are afflicted with a status effect.

At Will If your ally is crit or inflicted with a status effect, you can use Ally Switch, Staggering Beauty, Soul Resonance or Wingman as an interrupt, this does not consume any cooldowns.

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